Victor Lisle

Production Vault Newstalk

Victor Lisle

Production Vault Newstalk


Before moving to Chicago to become the Creative Services Director for WGN Radio, The Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Blackhawks, I performed full-time on air in 5 different formats for over 11 years and was the Creative Services Director for Clear Channel in Houston, TX. In 2008, ReelWorld asked me to manage and direct a new service called Production Vault NewsTalk. 8 years later, Production Vault NewsTalk airs on over 200 stations in the US and abroad. You can also hear my voice on over 60 stations in the US and I am the News/Talk voice for Rogers Media in all of Canada.

1. When did you know Radio Imaging was the job for you?

When I worked on air at K-Rock in Syracuse in the early 90’s, I imaged my own show because we had no money for an imager. My show sounded completely different from the rest of the station. When other shows on competing stations were commenting on my imaging, I knew I had a skill set that would take me off the air and give me years of security and employment.

2. What (or who) motivates you or gets you excited about producing?

I don’t know, really. Imagers are artists in audio. Like any painter, they just do it because they love the fact they are painting hoping to please people eyes. As an imager, I hope that I am painting to please people’s ears and garner results for the station.

3. What’s the toughest part about being an imaging producer?

Finding new ways to do the same thing. I never want to get bored doing what I do, so I constantly test out new ideas and concepts to see if it sticks and exceeds a station’s exceptions.

4. What’s the difference between Good imaging and Great imaging?

Good imaging makes people listen. GREAT imaging makes people listen, laugh, cry, think, act.

5. What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d like to give new producers just learning the game?

Be you. Don’t try to be someone else. We are painters of audio. Create YOUR OWN art and not someone else’s art. Every station will sound identical if we strive to be the other guy. There is a saying, “When everyone thinks alike, everyone’s likely to be wrong.”


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