Mike Daly

Production Vault Rock | Classic Rock

Mike Daly

Production Vault Rock | Classic Rock


My name is Mike Daly but was lucky enough to be saddled with the sexiest of all nicknames, Flounder, since 1991. I started out at Jacor’s 970 WFLA/Tampa as a board op but got into writing comedy bits for various services and shows like Bubba The Love Sponge. After being Eric Chase’s assistant for a couple of years I transferred to San Diego as Imaging Director for the NewsTalk, Sports, Country, Classic Hits and Active and Classic Rock stations. I began working with ReelWorld in 2008 and now oversee Production Vault Rock and Classic Rock and also produce for PV NewsTalk and Classic Hits.

1. When did you know Radio Imaging was the job for you?

Well, besides doing comedy bits I used to do a lot of the daily show promos that some of the other guys didn’t want to do. Then Eric Chase came to Tampa, I was made his assistant and began watching and learning from the best. I include Nick Michaels and the late Brian James as huge influences as well.

2. What (or who) motivates you or gets you excited about producing?

I love being part of a team effort which hopefully adds to a station’s success. Doing my part to speak to that individual in their car or at work to endear the station. Most listeners already put up with bad commercials so I like to make the imaging as fun and engaging as possible without insulting them. Talk with them not at them. Suggest and invite instead of bark orders and beat your chest.

3. What’s the toughest part about being an imaging producer?

Toughest part is probably coming up with fresh ideas every week and looking ahead to address what needs may arise for stations. A blank Word doc can be intimidating but then one idea sparks another idea. Writing for multiple formats helps too since your mindset changes and you can go in various directions with the same theme.

4. What’s the difference between Good imaging and Great imaging?

Writing. All the plugins and fancy toys mean nothing if the words are hard to listen to. Being too wordy, rambling and redundant is a waste of the listener’s time and makes the station sound bush league.

5. What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d like to give new producers just learning the game?

Listen to what other people are doing. Ask for critiques and don’t be offended or take it personally when people correct you. I learned more from realizing why guys like Nick Michaels and John Wells would change my copy the ways they did. I used to read Eric’s stuff all the time to try to learn why he wrote things the way he did and adopt that into my own stuff.

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