Ben Marks

Production Vault Hot AC

Ben Marks

Production Vault Hot AC


I’ve been with ReelWorld for more than 6 years now and over that time have been Format Director for Production Vault Hot AC, contribute weekly to several other PV formats and I am also a custom imaging specialist; working on top level sound packages for stations including, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, Kiss UK and RTE 2FM Ireland.

1. When did you know Radio Imaging was the job for you?

I was doing work experience in a local radio station, and saw a producer using ProTools to make a promo. I was like “NO WAY!!!” I thought all that time mucking about writing Drum n Bass tunes on Reason had been a waste of time. Turns out all these skills are directly applicable. And I can get paid for the very thing I find most fun. Never looked back.

2. What (or who) motivates you or gets you excited about producing?

The music first. Music is a massive inspiration for me. It dictates the type of drop I’ll use and how I’ll tune and process it.

3. What’s the toughest part about being an imaging producer?

Having to be current with my sound. That’s why I find music such an important starting point. If my sound is evolving as the music does then it will always ride tandem with musical trends.

4. What’s the difference between Good imaging and Great imaging?

Good imaging is when you do what you already know will make a solid piece. Great imaging is when you are searching for new ways to approach the idea. That being said, when you stumble across a great idea you have to run with it. Whether it’s beautifully simple of fantastically complex, it wants to be made.

5. What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d like to give new producers just learning the game?

Listen to the great imaging on other stations. Analyze, and try to do better.

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