Day 1
Wednesday, September 28
Day 2
Thursday, September 29

Imaging Master Class: Day 1

See firsthand how three Production Vault producers consistently create amazing content. From mashups to vocal trickery, as well as the plugins they turn to for inspiration, we’ll go inside their sessions and see how they work. Followed by a Q&A.

Imaging Master Class: Day 1 from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

Andy Jackson
Dom Nero
David Konsky

What Makes A Great Audio Brand?

From the T-T-Top of the Empire State Building to the beaches of Miami, join Dave Foxx and panelists as they use their experience branding some of biggest stations in the world to answer the question: “What makes a great audio brand?”

Dave, John, Ron and Steve: What Makes a Great Audio Brand from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

Ron Tarrant
Steve Dubbz
John Frost
Dave Foxx

Adobe: Do more with Audition

Adobe Audition Product Manager Durin Gleaves offers insider tips and tricks from our industry’s most used DAW.

Durin Gleaves – Adobe Audition from ReelWorld on Vimeo.



Durin Gleaves

PDs and their Imagers: It’s complicated

How do you know exactly what your PD wants? How do you get your PD to trust you? Hear both sides of the story from some of the most effective teams in the business.

PDs and Their Imagers: It's Complicated from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

Mark Medina
Tony Lorino
Dino D’Addario

VO From The VO’s Point Of View

How to write, direct and “speak VO” from some of the top voice talent in the industry. Learn what they love (and hate) to see in copy and what you can do to get their best reads.

Dr. Dave
Rachel McGrath
Dave Foxx

Write Good

Some of our best creative copywriters reveal where they turn for inspiration, how to grab the listener’s ear and the best way to get your message across without losing your audience.

Bob Coates
Victor Lisle
Mike Daly
Neal Martin
Mike Beaubien

Imaging Master Class: Day 2

Day two of advanced production techniques from three top imaging producers. See inside their sessions, learn which plugins they love and get answers to production questions.

Day 2 | Imaging Masterclass from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

Andy Jackson
Neal Martin
Ben Marks

Squeeze The Day

There are never enough hours in the day. See the tools our producers use to manage their production schedules and the techniques they employ to keep a little work/life balance – and their sanity.

Victor Lisle
Laura Mather
Juan Tobar

ReelWorld Jingles | From Inspiration to Final Mix

It’s more than just a jingle. See inside ReelWorld jingle sessions with Creative Director Erik Huber as your guide. Erik will discuss how to compose, mix and post-produce and answer any music production questions,

Erik Huber

Show Me The Funny

How to write the funny from some of the the best comedy minds in our business.

Show Me The Funny ft. Victor Lisle from ReelWorld on Vimeo.

Eric Chase
John Frost
Steve Dubbz
Bob Coates
Victor Lisle
Mike Daly

What to Expect

Imaging Master Classes with ReelWorld and The Mix Group

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Learn how to get the most out of your production hours

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